Johnny Cash Music & Theme shows such as "Johnny Cash goes to church", "Cash for Business", "Johnny Cash Tribute"s

Cashflow3 performes at theatres, (christian) festivals, (private) party's and even in churches. For many years they played in the special "Johnny Cash goes to church" services. Our participation in the "Johnny Cash goes to church" services had been always a full house.


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Cashflow3 is an amazing Johnny Cash cover band that has been around for many years. They bring the music of Johnny Cash to life in a unique and exciting way. They have a great selection of songs, and they perform them with a passion and energy that really captures the spirit of Johnny Cash. Their performances are always a hit, and they have a loyal following of fans who love to come out and enjoy the music. I fully approve of Cashflow3 and their dedication to keeping the music of Johnny Cash alive. Cashflow3 performs also at (christian) festivals, church events. Our participation in the "Johnny Cash goes to church" services had been always a full house.

Johnny Cash goes to church in which Matthijs Goedegebuure (band leader Cashflow3) tells about the life of the man in Black (Johnny Cash) on the basis of short stories and anecdotes. In it, Matthijs tells about Johnny Cash's struggle with his addiction, but also how Johnny drew strength from His Faith and His Love for His Savior Jesus Christ. The entire service is musically supported by the band Cashflow3 with gospels and hits from Johnny Cash.

Cash for Business s an inspirational event for business people in which Matthijs (band leader of Cashflow3) explains how to recognize, inspire and motivate the employees of your company through short stories and anecdotes about the life and talents of Johnny Cash. All this is musically supported with the music of Johnny Cash performed by the band Cashflow3.

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